Our Exhibition. Wet Paintings. 21.

20 March 2021  –  ∞| Kraków, Limanowskiego 24/4b Exhibition is open on Fridays, 15.00 – 19.00, and Saturdays, 11.00 – 15.00. Artists: Bogusław Bachorczyk, Agnieszka Berezowska, Ireneusz Bęc, Ewa Ciepielewska, Wojciech Ćwiertniewicz, Magdalena Kościsz, Bogumił Książek, Władysław Markowski, Tomasz Vetulani Curator: Olimpia Maciejewska, in collaboration with: Bogumił...



Bogusław Bachorczyk, Agnieszka Berezowska, Ireneusz Bęc, Ewa Ciepielewska, Wojciech Ćwiertniewicz, Magdalena Kościsz, Bogumił Książek, Władysław Markowski, Tomasz Vetulani

Dear! On the 30th of April 1999, we launched the Olympia Gallery. The first exhibition bore a simple title: Janusz Knorowski, malarstwo [Janusz Knorowski. Painting]. The artist from Warsaw installed his paintings in a tiny room on Koletek street in Krakow. In no time, the gallery interior...




Bogland in a house full of epidermis. Home atherosclerosis, diabetic coma. Scraping by. Purring kisses, blushes, duvets, cold floor and weakness at the knees. Something is leaning out, something is oozing, something suffocates. Hypnotic noiseless mucus. Tangled-haired figures – a shimmering shag basking in the setting sun....

19.10.2020 - 30.11.2020


first sense/ Cricoteka

For a week we open the space where you would be able to turn off your eyesight. We are inviting you to a travel through your other senses, especially to bask in touch and sensation. Those are the first senses helping us to explore the world, however...

18.10.2020 - 25.10.2020


Fall 2019 Collection

Artists: Karol Palczak, Bogumił Książek, Anna Grochowska, Tomasz Vetulani, Władysław Markowski, Magdalena Kościsz, Albert Jeżowski (Art brut), Piotr Bogatka, Joanna Sitarz, Piotr Bartula (the philosopher). special guest from Warsaw: Wiki Królikowska. Curator: Olimpia Maciejewska

16.11.2019 - 22.12.2019


Adam Rzepecki

Drip, 2020, cotton, plastic, glass, pigment, 10 m x 20 cm x 30 mm / photo. Rafał Korzeniowski

The work of Adam Rzepecki is an installation. An installation is made of a twisted, wet cotton rope to which six infusion containers with water and pigments are attached. The liquids made of a mixture of water and pigments correspond to the six colours of the rainbow...



Michał Iwański

Michał Iwański, Travessa Rio Coina 00 02 10

I focus for a moment on those seconds that have stuck in my memory. Somewhere very deep. I want to capture them so that everyone can see them, feel them, absorb them. It is impossible to get a perfect message, but this awareness makes me want it...

09.10.2020 - 11.10.2020


Friends and a colleague

Artists: Bożena Augustyn, Kinga Bafeltowska, Jan Chornikowski, Karolina Hebda, Kinga Kuryło, Paulina Mazurek/ special guests: Aleksandra Korzelska, Joanna Stawowy, curator: Olimpia Maciejewska, coop. Magda Cienkus

After the "sociability" of the 2019 Krakow Art Salon, Galeria Olympia has the courage to propose friendliness as a functional category of art. This is the mission of the Galeria Olympia, which tirelessly strengthens artists' relations with other artists, artists with curators, artists with recipients, curators with...

01.03.2020 - 19.03.2020


Der rote Punkt

Fryderyk Heinzel

The presented photographic landscapes were made between Lake Constance and the Danube River. Landscape as a subject has existed in my paintings for a long time. Such inspirations appeared for the first time in a series of my oil paintings entitled Pastwiska (Grazing Land), which I did...

21.06.2019 - 21.08.2019


Sex, Sex, Sex the Number of the Beast

Małgorzata Wielek-M, Paweł Hajncel

Two artists: Malgorzata Wielek-M and Paweł Hajncel will take you, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, to the darkest nooks and crannies of human ecstasies and stimulants through the sleaziest areas, the spookiest corners, the most dangerous places, where the human brain feeds and later digests naughty thoughts, kinky...

10.05.2019 - 19.06.2019