changes in the perception of hypersensitivity"/ Małgorzata Wielek Mandrela, Bartek Jarmoliński, Paulina Poczęta, Paweł Łyjak, Paweł Hajncel/ concept, production: Bartek Jarmoliński/ 21 April to 20 May 2018/ in the frame of Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS

The Latin title "Vita morbus est" means life as a disease. Hypersensitivity, perceived mostly as a medical condition, is now a phenomenon that affects many of us, hence the title "changes in the perception of hypersensitivity". Hypersensitivity, associated with the functions of the right cerebral hemisphere, is often a reason for strong and destructive reactions to the reality, to other people and ... to yourself. Art in the process of observation gives the opportunity to say everything that cannot be expressed verbally for various reasons. An artist, analysing their own "interior", may become a litmus test of problems that are typical not only to them, but also to a group of people with similar sensitivity. The exhibition raises questions about the functioning of modern man.


This is a question about hypersensitivity, which is currently a phenomenon affecting many. Can hypersensitivity be unambiguously called an illness? Is life with hypersensitivity dysfunctional? Can it be perceived as an illness?The exhibition "Vita morbus est" does not provide explicit answers. It raises questions that can lead to introspection.