Robert Motelski| 28.09.-18.10.2018 »

"One evening at the end of January I looked out the window. The grey-blue sky covered with clouds merged with the dark earth. Behind the horizon of the mountains the light disappeared in various shades of blue.

I don’t remember how nature became the main theme of my work but it has always been important to me. As time went by, the images became more and more synthetic not because of any assumption, but due to my own experience of dealing with nature which still affects my way of perceiving reality. I don’t invent ideas or forms. They come by themselves and then I implement them.


I find inspiration for paintings during trips when I have the chance of direct contact with nature. I analyse ideas and impressions in my studio. I synthesize the form, I remove unnecessary elements, I choose what is most important. Abstraction was always important to me, but realistic themes made it possible to include other content as well.

Titles are a record of time. They capture moments of various situations, of light, colour or composition shown in the painting.

I combine expressively painted elements with planes of colour. I attach great importance to composition.

The "East West" exhibition at Galeria Olympia in Krakow presents eight paintings in large and medium formats. These are mostly my latest works from the Mountains, Light series.

The title of the exhibition is ambiguous - it may refer to the sunrise and the sunset, also to two cultures, it is certainly also associated with politics.

Titles are not that important to me but they allow to organise images in time and add extra meanings to them. Some themes have been significant for me for a long time. I don’t abandon them because later they often come back in the form of new ideas. I would like to convey the energy and rhythm of nature in my paintings."/ Robert Motelski