Bogusław Bachorczyk


Curator: Michał Sobol/ poet

THE MESSAGE, which is the subject of Bogusław Bachorczyk’s  latest exhibition, has been around for longer than the village. The village, as we understand it, often in the context of Polish art, is a very recent, nineteenth-century invention, whose history is short and whose end is close, as a twentieth century classic would put it. The village in this sense was born when the MESSAGE, the message about the man’s connection with the EARTH, was in its death throes. In our time, the end of the village and the end of the several thousand-year old MESSAGE seem to be overlapping. Reflections on the village are no longer limited to a local story about the sources of Polish culture as was the case a century ago in the art of Young Poland, the Polish Art Nouveau. Instead, they confront us with the universal, that is with the essential processes taking place on the entire planet. It is a process of gradual detachment of the body from the Earth, levitation of the body, deification, and lastly of the discovery of its superfluity and inevitable disappearance, as of a redundant tool, replaced by the more and more perfect machine./ Michał Sobol