Bartek Jarmoliński

Men’s Day II/ 10.06.-31.07.2017/ open Tue-Sat 12-14

Bartek Jarmoliński has decided to take a closer look at what is termed masculinity, wondering to what extent it is culturally imposed and how much it is a real, internal need. His multi-layer collages are a visual guide to recesses of male psyche, burdened with the emotional costs of adapting to the requirements of reality. But not only that – it is also an attempt to make contact with his own "soft" ego. Men in embryonic position, looking like they were sleeping resemble defenceless, delicate creatures, wishing to protect themselves at all costs from the overwhelming world. For the artist the desire to fulfil social and cultural expectations is almost always associated with trauma, personal tragedy, complete misunderstanding, hence Jarmoliński’s works contain gestures of powerlessness, fear and loneliness, and most interesting, they also evoke the desire to care for men, fragile, unstable, constantly struggling with their own, chaotic life.