Zabłocie Storehouse

Curator: Krzysztof Marchlak/ Artists: Piotr Bogatka, Blanka Dudek, Albert Jeżowski Stanisław Koba, Bogumił Książek, Krzysztof Marchlak, Jan Płatek, Michał Stonawski, Maria Wasilewska/ art work by Stanisław Koba

Na Zjeździe 8 has many functions, but it is art which has unexpectedly begun to give it a new one which in the seventeenth century was that of a salt storehouse, later changed to military barracks, to eventually become a venue for artists and their art. It also houses the Skład Solny art gallery which irregularly holds art exhibitions, it is where the artists associated with the Krakow art scene work or worked creating a meeting and discussion forum for many generations of artists. The identity of this place is still being built and developed. It is a living space and it remains in constant motion.