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The Krakow Job

Andrzej Baziak and Karolina Łukawska


Difficult conditions on the market today meaning lack of a permanent source of income, money for art projects, the expectation to hold regular exhibitions and to remain popular all the time frustrate artists. Andrzej Baziak and Karolina Łukawska referring to recent events, a robbery of the ATM at ul. Teligi in Krakow, set up camp at Galeria Olympia, where they plan an ATM robbery. All their plans and props indicate their incompetence and naivety. Instead of paying attention to the essential...


Four jumps into the future


Artists: Wiki Królikowska, Zbigniew Olszyna

Curators: Zbigniew Olszyna, Wiki Królikowska

Every day, each of us jumps into the future in our mind. Scientists, journalists, analysts, fortune tellers all do it. Who can you trust? Wiki Królikowska and Zbigniew Olszyna decided to trust each other. Hence an...


Seweryn Jański


* or sweet escapism


Drifting means floating of matter and things. Compensatory flight upwards. Unrestricted movement caused by the wind or electricity. This term also applies to continents and their long-term migration.


And when you lay down your body, does the rhythm take you into the unknown?


Seweryn Jański's painting is a...


Off your knees. Poland is a dream

Exhibition Off your knees. Poland is a dream at Galeria Olympia/ 10.11.-16.12.2018/

wants to make  space for artistic cooperation in a positive atmosphere of creative freedom to mark the centenary of the restoration of Poland’s independence. One hundred years on, we ask questions about the maturity of freedom in Poland, just like in a final exam. We want to feel it in every aspect: personal, civic and artistic. Poland is for everyone. Is it just a dream? We suggest a civic celebration and artistic activation, action and...


The blue age. In the search of colour


For the artist Anna Grochowska/ Seliger, parallel worlds are two simultaneous periods of work which include the golden and the blue age. A series of paintings triggered off by the view of the well-known unfinished Krakow sky scraper called Szkieletor in Polish (from skeleton, as its steel construction is visible) belongs to the blue age. Work on these paintings required a lot of discipline and the artist sometimes interrupted work on the golden age to do it.



 A Sketch for a portrait of a .PNG (Persona Non Grata)/ 12.10.2018

A famous philosopher once declared that man is a being created to live in the Central Parlour more than a bee or any animal living in a herd, that is absolutely clear. And anyone who by nature, and not by chance, lives outside the Parlour, is either miserable or a superhuman being like the one whom Homer reviles for being "without society, without law, without family”, isolated, like a dice excluded from a game.

This seems obvious, however it is not so. This is proved...



27.09.-19.10.2018| The Nuremberg House in Cracow

Art with no borders| European art| Art conecting people

The exhibition is organised by Nuremberg House of Cracow under the direction of Renata Kopyto in cooperation with Fred...


Robert Motelski| 28.09.-18.10.2018

"One evening at the end of January I looked out the window. The grey-blue sky covered with clouds merged with the dark earth. Behind the horizon of the mountains the light disappeared in various shades of blue.

I don’t remember how nature became the main theme of my work but it has always been important to me. As time went by, the images became more and more synthetic not because of any assumption, but due to my own experience of dealing with nature which still affects my way of perceiving reality. I don’t invent ideas or forms. They come by...



Ewa Ciepielewska, Wojtek Ćwiertniewicz, Magda Kościsz, Władek Markowski/ 01.06.-31.08.2018

The energy of water, the energy of the city, the energy of the tip of the nose, the energy of youth, the energy of reflection, the energy of love, of desire, the energy of a tree, of the sky, of peace, the flowing or sometimes frozen energy of screaming, of stopping, the penetrating,...



changes in the perception of hypersensitivity"/ Małgorzata Wielek Mandrela, Bartek Jarmoliński, Paulina Poczęta, Paweł Łyjak, Paweł Hajncel/ concept, production: Bartek Jarmoliński/ 21 April to 20 May 2018/ in the frame of Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS

The Latin title "Vita morbus est" means life as a disease. Hypersensitivity, perceived mostly as a medical condition, is now a phenomenon that affects many of us, hence the title "changes in the perception of hypersensitivity". Hypersensitivity, associated with the functions of the right...

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