When hunt begins Beutetiere unite_olej na plotnie_60×130 cm_2021

Nobody Dies in the Land of Tomorrow

Fryderyk Kądziela (b. 1994 in Tarnów) works in painting and object, having graduated this year from Bogusław Bachorczyk’s 3rd Interdisciplinary Studio at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.

He paints from imagination, frequently employing figures characteristic of fable or myth. His spatial forms are produced from ready-made objects e.g. toys or organic materials, such as branches or soil. All his pieces create a continually unfolding universe.

Kądziela’s collection of paintings and objects exhibited at the Olympia Gallery is his graduation work, accompanied by an annex completed at Prof. Piotr Korzeniowski’s 5th Drawing Studio.

Nobody dies in the Land of Tomorrow

Plants are growing roots upwards

having faces of hungry children

Lonely tongues lick the lawn lips embrace the cold moss cravingly

Fours Suns and two Moons illuminate the Land of Tomorrow

As Saturn shines on the firmament replacing the North Star

Rivers run with water thick and black as cuttlefish ink

While brooks rather then down are running up

No helicopters to be found in the Land of Tomorrow

And People-Dragonflies with lanterns in hand light up the lonely track

So fear not the walking, Wanderer…