All of Your (Favourite) Saints Online

Roderick Murrray and Wiki Królikowska

13.06.2021 - 20.06.2021

After staying home for over a year your dreams, beliefs and needs change forever. You’ve been told you can save the world by neglecting your friends, denying human contact in any other form than online, and by lying all day long in bed streaming TV shows.

Roderick Murrray and Wiki Królikowska want to present all of those under-appreciated online saints  who are going to become role models of the new world. To do it on the worldwide scale the artists are planning to start their own religion.

With a little bit of cardboard, paint and a laptop camera everything is possible. Even salvation.

Roderick Murray – born in London, graduated Portsmouth University and Chelsea School of Art. Painter and autor of collages and “crappy” installations (installations made of rubbish). Based in Warsaw.

Wiki Królikowska – born and working in Warsaw, graduated Warsaw University. Performer, musician and video maker. Winner of Łódź Kaliska’s 40th Anniversary Open Call.