Der rote Punkt

The presented photographic landscapes were made between Lake Constance and the Danube River. Landscape as a subject has existed in my paintings for a long time. Such inspirations appeared for the first time in a series of my oil paintings entitled Pastwiska (Grazing Land), which I did as part of my diploma in painting at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. Using fairly simple, crude painting tools, I created new spaces of landscape, which opened and closed, focusing again into a symbolic reality, or even a magical reality.

In my latest photographic works I also present an ordinary landscape. There are meadows, fields, the sky and earth. But intersecting colour planes, visible lines and distinguishable simple geometrical forms create interesting new geometry of landscape. You can sometimes see human activity in it, but man himself does appear. The geometric order introduced in this way is a symbolic combination of nature and visual culture for me.

In the series Collective I introduce further changes, I treat nature and landscape only as a starting point. The actual image undergoes further transformation and a new reality is created, a new space for which both abstract painting and the art of geometry are sources of inspiration.

 The title Der rote Punkt  (The Red Dot) is a form of consciously assigning special meaning to space and places that are important to me. These places where I like to spend time and to which I sometimes come back, earmarking them, I consider my own.

Fryderyk Heinzel,  2 June 2019, Überlingen