The Krakow Job

Andrzej Baziak, Karolina Łukawska

14.04.2019 - 09.05.2019

Difficult conditions on the market today meaning lack of a permanent source of income, money for art projects, the expectation to hold regular exhibitions and to remain popular all the time frustrate artists. Andrzej Baziak and Karolina Łukawska referring to recent events, a robbery of the ATM at ul. Teligi in Krakow, set up camp at Galeria Olympia, where they plan an ATM robbery. All their plans and props indicate their incompetence and naivety. Instead of paying attention to the essential elements of the robbery, they focus on less important things such as designs and styles of ideal outfits for the robbery or unrealistic alibis.

“In our work, we want to draw attention to our generation, somewhat detached from reality. We search for everything on the Internet. We perceive the world not only through life experiences, but above all through games and films. We cannot cope with the thought that soon after graduating from university, real life will begin. We are not ready for work, we want to find an easy way get money to finance our projects and to set up our own gallery. We are all the more determined by the current situation in the art world in Krakow (the case of Bunkier Sztuki).”