Four jumps into the future

Wiki Królikowska, Zbigniew Olszyna

08.04.2019 - 13.04.2019

Every day, each of us jumps into the future in our mind. Scientists, journalists, analysts, fortune tellers all do it. Who can you trust? Wiki Królikowska and Zbigniew Olszyna decided to trust each other. Hence an innovative idea that two artists curate each other. Olszyna, an artist, painter and photographer, and Królikowska, a  performer and composer, form an exceptional duo.

They share their love for camp aesthetics and pastiche combined with sensitivity to social issues, pop culture and lifestyle. They differ in forms of expression: Olszyna paints and draws, Królikowska appears in VTL (video, tune, lyrics) and comes face to face with the audience.

In “One, Two, Three, Four” they decided to bite into the subject of food of the future. In the 21st you always hear – eat this, eat that, avoid this. Popularity of modified soybean alternates with periods of hatred for GMO. Who can you trust?

For the purposes of this exhibition Wiki Królikowska and Zbigniew Olszyna take on various roles: of a medium, journalist, scientist or pharmaceutical company CEO so that each of their recipients can decide whether jumping into the future makes sense.