Seweryn Jański

16.12.2018 - 31.01.2019

Drifting *or sweet escapism

Drifting means floating of matter and things. Compensatory flight upwards. Unrestricted movement caused by the wind or electricity. This term also applies to continents and their long-term migration.

And when you lay down your body, does the rhythm take you into the unknown?

Seweryn Jański’s painting is a kind of drifting on the waves of imagination between what is unknown, unbridled and what is real, systematized and certain. The world depicted in the paintings fluctuates and merges in an original and slightly risky way. The audience gets the impression of changeability, movement that seem to be indispensable inspirations for Jański’s work.

The changing images do not interfere with the quiescence of emotions.

The exhibition displays an intensification of colours that evoke strong impressions in the recipients. The artist offers the viewer an ecstatic-fluorescence vortex. A synthetic-euphoric kaleidoscope of experiences and elation. A permanent and alluring need of colour which is essentially addictive since it evokes deep reactions as if it were a pleasure generator.

The forms and gestures on the canvas are full of sweetness, dynamism and anxiety. We are accompanied by the feeling of participation in a manifestation of what hides in the guts, deep inside the being. Astonishing escapism, a paradoxical escape to the centre of your own “I”.

I would prefer not to have a body and to be able to soak things up.

With a bit of good will, you can sense the rhythm, feel the pulse, experience a kind of quivering that accompanies the creative act. As if the presented paintings were to be a constant compensation of action and a way of seeking peace.

“They must disappear for a while in their bizarre angularity, float like confetti, which they are in fact, until a suitable carnival mood appears and they deal with fire like a dark nebula of stars, ready to receive light.

In such a system of things, something that is only pleasant must die so that it can be born again as ecstasy, and although it seems unfair, what matters is your look on the outside, your openness, transparency and the power of insight into external factors that are just logical developments of your inner decision to act and influence this action on the constellation of everyday phenomena. Anyway, the new you has already acquired a shape.”

John Ashbery

Seweryn Jański was born in 1981. In 2009, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, from the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture. He is the author of individual exhibitions, he took part in several group exhibitions in Poland, Germany, Ireland and Slovakia. He paints, creates objects using photography. He lives and works in Wrocław.

Kamil Zając is a poet, author of a poetic sheet Pieśń Muniny Schwartz vel Adabisi (2006) and poems Szepty i szyki (2016). The founder of the Tkliwi nihiliści profile, learning how to keep the distance, http://www.facebook.com/tkliwinihilisci. Winner of the WARTO Award. He lives in Wroclaw.