Off your knees. Poland is a dream

Alicja Biała, Karolina Jabłońska, Bogumił Książek, Agata Kus, Cecylia Malik, Karol Palczak, Łukasz Patelczyk, Adam Rzepecki, Tomasz Vetulani | Curator: Agnieszka Gołębiewska

10.11.2018 - 16.12.2018

wants to make  space for artistic cooperation in a positive atmosphere of creative freedom to mark the centenary of the restoration of Poland’s independence. One hundred years on, we ask questions about the maturity of freedom in Poland, just like in a final exam. We want to feel it in every aspect: personal, civic and artistic. Poland is for everyone. Is it just a dream? We suggest a civic celebration and artistic activation, action and interaction, as well as actions in the Dada spirit. Men and women artists will present their works made in a variety of media, mostly especially for our exhibition.

It is our specific aim to create a wide transmission band spread between these two slogans.

Off your the knees is a variously understood process of emancipation towards freedom: personal, civic, creative, and ideally towards a free mind with awareness and empathy, tolerance for diversity and curiosity for the world and its people. Getting up off your knees is a very human phenomenon. It is a process that affects each of us: at the moment of awakening and realizing the need for change, at the moment of rebellion or disagreement, when we expect recognition and respect – both in the personal and in the general dimension.

On the centenary of the restoration of Poland’s independence it is time to think about the independence of our country’s male and female citizens.

Is Poland a (just) dream? Poland perceived as an idea, an ideal and impossible creation? This term (Poland is a dream) is a quote from Michel Houellebecq’s bitter-sweet para-documentary about his alleged abduction. Referring to Poland’s complex history, the writer said that by disappearing for over a century from the political map of Europe our country survived as a certain idea, project, dream which it still remains. We would like to ask you  whether it is just a dream? Calm down: Poland exists, let no one be offended, we would simply like to ask what it is like. The artists invited to participate in the project will answer this question.

We also emphasize the cleansing and revitalizing function of self-irony and laughter as well as keeping a healthy perspective to one’s self and the world, without any buffoonery or eternal seriousness.

We look forward to seeing you.

Curator Agnieszka Gołębiewska and Galeria Olympia Director, Olimpia Maciejewska-Gijbels

Project sponsored by City Hall Cracow: