A Sketch for a portrait of a .PNG (Persona Non Grata)

A famous philosopher once declared that man is a being created to live in the Central Parlour more than a bee or any animal living in a herd, that is absolutely clear. And anyone who by nature, and not by chance, lives outside the Parlour, is either miserable or a superhuman being like the one whom Homer reviles for being “without society, without law, without family”, isolated, like a dice excluded from a game.

This seems obvious, however it is not so. This is proved by numerous examples of demigods / half-beasts (.PNG): the outsiders, stateless people and anarchists who don’t care at all about belonging to the Central Parlour. They feel there: watched, spied, assessed, censored, controlled, valued, stamped, instructed, bound, looted, repressed, debased, examined, seized, ridiculed, oppressed, ruffled, exploited, tried, manipulated, sold, incarnated, corrected, socialized, punished, homeless.

Behind the façade of every sleepy town, be it Myślenice or Krakow – lies a system of social control destroying the genetic .PNG, newcomer from the den of the primordial “Nothing” – an existential stateless person dating back before the conventional good and evil, beauty and ugliness, truth and falsehood, faith and atheism, culture and civilization . The Central Committee of the Parlour [CCP] establishes the transparent “State of the Sun”, where each .PNG is to be manipulated by police officers and observed by agents who practice historical, cultural, religious, aesthetic and scientific policies in the social control gym.

The Propaganda of the Central Parlour [PCP] forces on every domesticated png the “We” language system making them retreat into a cocoon which binds and enslaves them. Specialists in social gymnastics wrap around their neck a collar made of fear of rejection, to lead them through the palace and to draw sadistic pleasure from whipping them with a whip of prestige. The lash of conformism falls on the back of the Aesthetic Slave until they finally resemble a figure at a shopping mall exhibition.

A .PNG always remains a mystical Nobody, because they prefer to die deprived of work, stabbed to death or given hemlock, rather than practicing the pernicious art of ketman which distorts the face. But to be Nobody, one has to be Someone: A Heavenly Dog! Living beyond the shooting range of any authority of the central parlour.

And this is the whole mystery of the . PNG’s existence: Not to be killed by people who were told that they are more than NOTHING. Personae Non Grata unite!/  Piotr Bartula