Ewa Ciepielowska, Wojciech Ćwietniewicz, Magdalena Kościsz i Władek Markowski

01.06.2018 - 31.08.2018

The energy of water, the energy of the city, the energy of the tip of the nose, the energy of youth, the energy of reflection, the energy of love, of desire, the energy of a tree, of the sky, of peace, the flowing or sometimes frozen energy of screaming, of stopping, the penetrating, the pulsating, slipping energy of colour, the energy of the smile, the energy of concentration in one drop, in a dot, the energy of delight, of anxiety …

Four artists, eight eyes, the world held by every corner like a bedsheet. A big pot and four eaters. They eat the same food differently. All of them, however, with the admiration of depth of taste. Joy! Joy in the food, in the bedsheet, in seeing, holding, eating. But also, gentleness, humility and strength. It brings them together because they draw from one source of all colours, from one eye. This energy flows, spills, absorbs. That’s how art is created – that’s how poems are written and paintings are painted. Their paintings.

Maciej Piotr Prus